Thursday, May 22, 2008

Getting ready to go out..

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Fridays I usually stay home and do rest of things I couldn't do during the week as ironing washing cleaning and decorating.. but this friday I am going out for friend's birthday party.. I don't wanna go out but it's be weird not going to say him "congratulations" as I am afraid losing a friend or make him to think that I am his weekend friend only.. He is such a cool guy and means a lot to me as a good friend.. Bought him a clock on the way home.. I have to have a class at home and have a little nap too.. the clock I bought is rather good one from a nice brand.. wanted to take a pic and put here but I have a short time and it's a lot of work as I have to take a pic then put it in bucketphotos then hang here.. kkk lazy.. whatever...looking forward for a cool bday party.. it'll be in seoul in Joo's Gallery Cafe.. hope I could catch my last bus or it'll be very expensive to come home by taxi.. huh..

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The Face said...

bi yaj ochih bilee? utsiig chini ch medehgui ^^

strong said...
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